Periodic Transaction Date improvement

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Periodic Transaction Date improvement

Post by cone » 06 October 2018, 01:00

Will it be possible in some future version to include an improvement in the Date of the periodic transactions?
For example, you can choose the first business day or make an periodic transaction the first tuesday of every month.
I would use it a lot to use it on the debit date of my credit cards that have that type of due date instead of a fixed day of the month.
iCompta is a great program, of all the ones that I used for personal finances, it is the only one that does everything I need. I tried all available for Mac and I did not change it for anything.
Thank you!

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Re: Periodic Transaction Date improvement

Post by Angeman » 06 October 2018, 09:33

This is not planned yet and I'm not sure if I will add it because it would complicate the user interface a lot.

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