Manually adjusting automatic import configuration

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Manually adjusting automatic import configuration

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I'm using iCompta to synchronize with my bank accounts automatically, using the provided sync feature.

I'm facing an issue because it's hard to map the correct account during import with the corresponding account in iCompta, since the label displayed for the account may be the same for different accounts (I have different accounts at the same bank, with also a common account with my wife, and several bank cards of the same type that end up having the same label).

I'm often struggling with the card transactions incorrectly associated to the wrong account in iCompta, thus having to de-duplicate and fix it afterwards, which is a pain, and a significant waste of time.

If I select "Configuration: New configuration" before starting the import, I have to restart everything: mapping accounts, categories... Again super frustrating, and it doesn't solve my problem since it's still impossible to correctly map the accounts. So I have to try and guess, and try again... and each time, I need to re-do the categories mapping...

I would love to have a way to quickly iterate on the configuration, e.g. to remap an imported account to another iCompta one. I'm a developer so I would even be ok fiddling with the configuration file, if I knew what to search and where.

Thanks a lot for your help 🙏

NB: I've been using iCompta for quite a while, thanks for keeping it running! It's the only one with Linxo integration so I don't have to do manual imports 🫶
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Re: Manually adjusting automatic import configuration

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You can force showing the account mapping screen : viewtopic.php?p=8741#p8741
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