setting up account for travelling (hints needed)

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setting up account for travelling (hints needed)

Post by steve » 09 August 2017, 18:51

I've been using (though a very basic user I am ;-) ) icompta for some weeks now to handle my personal account and spendings and find it a great app - the best and easiest to handle I've seen so far!

Now I want to set up a document / account for a journey with two people and so far couldn't figure out a good way to do that.
Maybe somebody could give me some tricks and hints how to set it up so that handling is easy and fast and still the overview is as detailed as possible.
What I want / imagine is:
- 2 persons each with their own account (regular account income and outgoing transactions) (would it be possible to have a "document" of their own for each and combine the information therein with the "travel" document with all the other accounts?)
- 1 overall account where all travel costs come together
- several accounts w/ different currencies (Thai Bhat, Indonesien Rhupia, Australian Dollar, etc.) - so I see what we spend in each country, and also have a quick overview how much cash we should have left in that currency
- 1 US Dollar account
so far so good
now I want for each transaction to see
- wether it was done in cash or by cc
- in which currency and for what categorie (travel, hotel, etc.)
- which person payed for it
- the amount should be deducted from the "country" account and from the "over all travel costs" account (so I always have an overview where we are costs wise), and obviously from the person's account which payed.
- Then I would need to find a possibility to say this transaction needs to be split by two / or not
Finally I would love to see who spend how much and how much is owned to the other - basically have a balance between the two person accounts based on the "over all" account and the "transaction is splitted or not" option (would I need to make a new account for that? or is there an easy way to do that automatically)

So if someone already set something like this up or has some experiences with working in this direction and says "don't do it this way, it's way to complicated" - or "I would do it like this", or "if you do this and that - create a rule like xyz for that problem - handling becomes much easier"
or whatever - if someone could get me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
I still find it difficult to set up rules and also am still working on the reports giving me the information I want ;-)

I think it's a great app - I just don't really have an idea about effective accounting

Thanks in advance

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Re: setting up account for travelling (hints needed)

Post by Angeman » 09 August 2017, 21:15

Here is the setup I would use :
  • Create a new document for the journey
  • Create 2 persons (in addition to the one already created)
  • Since there are multiple currencies you have to create one account in each currency for each person (and don't forget to put the person as the owner of account)
  • Create a rule which will have 3 "Add participant XXX with ratio 33.33%" actions
  • When someone pays something create a transaction in his account, enter the amount and then apply rules. After having applied rules select all splits and set the category you want
  • If you don't want the amount to be split amongst the 3 people then just create the transaction normally without applying rules

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