Securities problem for UK shares

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Re: Securities problem for UK shares

Post by Angeman » 31 October 2013, 23:53

MikeFedeski wrote:Now that I have iCompta working for shares, I move on to the next problem. In fact, most of my investments are mutual funds rather than stocks. Google Finance gives quotations for many of these as well, and the routine is just like the routine for stocks. But I cannot download them to iCompta. For example, if you get a quote in Google Finance for F&C Strategic Bond 1 Acc, you find the code in brackets after the fund name: MUTF_GB:FC_STRA_BOND_17DAQO. This does not get a response when I use it in the app with or without the MUTF_GB: prefix.
This will be fixed in 3.0.3.
MikeFedeski wrote:The other thing is that where you cannot download a valuation, how can you enter your own by hand? In the User Guide, under Monitoring Your Investments, you say "You can also enter the quotes yourself in the quotes window by selecting the line of the security" but I cannot follow this. Although I have not downloaded the OS-X version yet, it would appear that there is a special button for hand entry in that.
Select your security so that you see the quotes screen. It will be empty but you can push the edit button in the top right to create a new quote.

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