version 3 update

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version 3 update

Post by Steffen1601 » 07 May 2012, 14:24

Can we get an update please how far out we are with the V3 update? Last update was made in September 2011. The app is getting older and older by the day and some new apps were released. I hate to switch to another app, but if the update doesn't come soon I may need to do this.

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Re: version 3 update

Post by Angeman » 08 May 2012, 10:12

Asking again and again when the next update will be released doesn't make me work faster, it's just the opposite as I have to take time to answer. The next version is a complete rewrite of both the Mac and mobile version so it can't be done in just a few months. I'm sorry but I won't release an unfinished and/or buggy version just because people are tired of waiting.

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