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Aguilberto Junior
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iCompta and PocketMoney

Post by Aguilberto Junior » 24 December 2019, 22:42

Dear Cyril,

Yesterday I saw the announcement of the new version of PocketMoney 2.0 from PocketMoney GmbH. I found the interface very similar to that of iCompta and installed the versions for macOS and iOS and, to my surprise, apparently the apps are the same!
So will they be different products that share the same source code but will evolve independently, or does iCompta stop at its current version 6.0.31 (1331)?
Anyway, what are the differences between the two apps?

Best regards and Merry Christmas!

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Re: iCompta and PocketMoney

Post by Angeman » 25 December 2019, 21:36

PocketMoney is based on iCompta's source code and the two apps will evolve on their own.

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