working very slow (lots of rainbow wheels)

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Re: working very slow (lots of rainbow wheels)

Post by susie125 » 11 December 2018, 10:01

susie125 wrote:
03 December 2018, 08:59
Angeman wrote:
16 November 2018, 09:59
susie125 wrote:
16 November 2018, 08:54
The document file contains my almost entire financial information. So I can't give that to you, but I have created a copy, then replaced pretty much all of the monetary numbers to 10 yen, so all my entries intact but the amounts are all wrong, which I will send to the email address. Please handle the file with care and destroy it once you are done, it still contains my bank names, client names etc.
Sure. When you made the copy, did you use File > Duplicate menu item inside iCompta or you just copied the file directly in the Finder ? If you did the second option, I hope you deactivated any synchronization before changing the amounts and saving the modified file otherwise you main file will synchronize all these changes. So please tell me if you did it the wrong way I'll explain you what to do to fix it before losing all your data.
I can't remember how I made the copy.. I use both ways. But when I created the copy I noticed the sync function so I turned it off (logged out of dropbox). I have been working on the original now with no problem (now sync back on) and the 0'ed copy safely tucked away in different location.

I sent you the 0'ed data to you via email with dropbox link. I hope you can figure out why it's so slow.

My original file is getting slower, I think. more I put my data in, more it get slow. It only appeared to run a little faster when I made the copy.
Hi Angeman,
Did you get my 10 yen'ed file ? Were you able to reproduce the problem ?

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Re: working very slow (lots of rainbow wheels)

Post by Angeman » 11 December 2018, 10:28

Yes I got it and it wasn't slow on my computer but there were many transactions in it so your computer might be the reason maybe. Anyway I suggest you to use the "Pending" filter in filters bar above the transactions list, it should greatly increase the performance.

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