Keyboard shortcuts, etc.

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Keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Post by Aguilberto Junior » 26 June 2018, 13:39

Dear Angeman,

iCompta is excellent software. I use it a lot every day, on the iPhone, iPad and Mac to control all my personal finances.
When I am checking all purchases made with my credit cards before closing the invoice I use "Cleared" status and when the invoice is closed then I use the "Locked" status for each of the verified transactions.
I use a lot of credit cards for purchases ... Is there any way to use keyboard shortcuts to change the status of transactions without using the mouse to speed up this conference?

In my humble opinion, as a suggestion for iCompta to be even better, shortcut keys for the most common operations, such as changing the status of transactions, category choice, etc. and more options in formatting reports would be great!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Re: Keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Post by Angeman » 26 June 2018, 18:08

You already have a shortcut to set a category but I could add some to change the status you're right.

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