Export items with multiple categories

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Export items with multiple categories

Post by ozpritcha » 22 March 2009, 23:20

Thank you for a fantastic product. In two days I have my finances almost sorted! After months of trying to get it together!

I just have two questions....

- I want to use iCompta to track all of my finances, including work expenses
- I tag my entries in iCompta with various categories (eg. food or travel) for my personal budgeting. But...
- Occasionally I also spend money for work (e.g Fuel, or buying something at the supermarket). So I tag these entries with 'Work Expense'
- Then at the end of the month, I need to take all 'Work Expenses' into excel, to fit into a standard 'Expense Claim Form' that my work has.
- In Excel, I just filter out the items tagged with the 'Work Expenses' category
- So far... all this works well, but now comes my problem:
- When I tag an entry with multiple categories (which is a fantastic feature), and split the cost across both, then I can't get that info in Excel.
- To explain, I may have purchased some food at the supermarket, and a cable for work, so I add 2 categories ('Food' with $25.00 and 'Work Expense' with $4.50)
- When I export to csv, then into excel it comes out as one line of $29.50 with the category 'Food'

So... my questions....
1) Is there a way to export just the entries I want (eg 'Work Expense')?
2) Is there a way to show the actual amount assigned to that category as a single line item in a csv?

I hope this all makes sense.... sorry, I only speak english, so I couldn't search the forums.
Best Regards,
Antony Pritchett

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Re: Export items with multiple categories

Post by Angeman » 23 March 2009, 10:16

Yes as you've seen the CSV export does not currently export all categories but just the first one. This is because I haven't decided yet on how to deal with these multiples categories. I can't export them on the same line otherwise two different lines might have a different number of fields which is bad obviously... So I guess I will make as many lines as there are categories in a transaction.

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Re: Export items with multiple categories

Post by ozpritcha » 24 March 2009, 02:29

Hi Angeman,

Thanks for your reply....

1) so are you currently working on a solution for export.... is that right? I think the best way to do it would be to create multiple lines..... as you say it would make the most sense.

2) can you suggest any work-around for the time being?

I am now using your programme every day.... but just doing work expenses manually... looking forward to an update!


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