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by Trainiac
10 October 2013, 23:29
Forum: iCompta (iPhone / iPad)
Topic: iCompta3 - don't be discouraged
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Re: iCompta3 - don't be discouraged

I largely echo what JWD says. Trust me, I've tried just about every money tracking app and iCompta2 still wins. I tried 3 for a little over two weeks on my iPhone and went back to the old version today. My issues: When I want to add an entry, I want it to be quick an painless. The new version failed...
by Trainiac
17 November 2011, 02:36
Forum: iCompta (iPhone / iPad)
Topic: Quirk in Budgets
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Quirk in Budgets

Boy, this drove me crazy: when you're adding a new budget and you pick categories and accounts, look at the status and everything is white lines with no info. Your category colors and info don't become active until *after* you define a budgeted expense. Works perfectly after that. Hopefully this sav...