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Change of system requirements that make the application useless

Posted: 13 May 2023, 13:47
by MacTerrassa
I use an iMac with system 10.11 and when updating iCompta offers me an incompatible version. Whether I test from that iMac or a newer one running 10.15, they both offer the same version that requires 10.13. Is that change correct?
If desired, at least the program should not try to download a version that does not work on the system or, at most, advertise it but expressly mentioning that it requires a change of computer in order to be installed.
In addition, both on its website it continues to indicate 10.9 as requirements, both on the home page and on the help page, as well as the version notes, even the update download page itself expressly indicated that it is compatible with system 10.9 or later.
Even if you understand that in order to evolve it is possible that these requirements must also vary, at least you must indicate it and not try to download a version that will not work for you. And luckily the update is not automatic, since that way I can keep it operational. In many other cases you end up with a totally useless version because of it. And since there is no download of any of the previous versions on its website (except for demos, which I think cannot be activated), in that case it would not even be possible to manually reinstall a functional version. Why don't you update those requirements to the correct ones and offer older versions of the program that can be activated by users?

The main reason for starting to use the program a few years ago was precisely that it supported my system and many users will experience the same. More if in reality for a simple accounting program the latest advances in more current, fast and powerful machines are not really necessary. Not to mention facilitating the reuse of those obsolete machines in simple tasks such as family accounting.

Obviously, I would like more to continue supporting my system and the previous ones until 10.9 like now, but if it is possible, you should at least indicate it correctly.



P.S. Mechanically translated since I do not speak English, I apologize if I have not expressed myself correctly.