Tax refunds

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Tax refunds

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I track expenses with various tax types in expense transactions using the "Taxes category" field.

I type the value of the product or service in "ET amount" and then "Taxes rate", "Taxes category" and "Category"... For example:
- Amount: -110.00
- ET amount: -100,00
- Taxes: -10,00
- Taxes rate: 10%
- Taxes category: Tax A
- Category: Utilities

That is, my total expenses with "Utilities" is $110.00 and "Tax A" is $10.00.

If I receive a refund of $2.00 for "Tax A", may I make a transaction as follows (with "Refund" checked) to decrease my expenses on "Tax A" only, but not to decrease expenses on "Utilities"?
- Amount: +2.00
- ET amount: 0.00
- Taxes: +2,00
- Taxes rate:
- Taxes category: Tax A
- Category:

That is, now my total expenses with "Utilities" would still be $ 110.00 and with "Tax A" is $ 8.00.

In advance, thank you for your help.
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Re: Tax refunds

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Yes it should work.
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