Import new Pocketmoney database into iCompta 6

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Re: Import new Pocketmoney database into iCompta 6

Post by Sirius »

I found out what to do.
I needed to:
- download the up to date PocketMoney version to my MAC,
- import the PocketMoney.db file from my older PocketMoney version that still runs on my iPhone into PocketMoney on the MAC,
- then the PocketMoney.cdb with the new data structure is created.
- treat this with Navicat and proceed to the import into iCompta on the MAC.

What I still need to figure out is how to get all the data of the last 10 years that resides in the "Name" fields of all transactions into the "Payee" field.
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Re: Import new Pocketmoney database into iCompta 6

Post by Amiko »

The PocketMoney's field Payee was imported to some field in iCompta, but I can't remember which one. Choose to see all fields and find out. Then, create a rule in iCompta that imports the old Payee value to the new Name field. It will be something as "Set name / to the contents of / "field where are Payees". I did this way.
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Re: Import new Pocketmoney database into iCompta 6

Post by dwd »

Thanks so much for this helpful recipe! I was able to use it to find a MUCH simpler way to do it, thanks to using sqldiff to determine all the differences between the original and the navicat copy.

My motivation is that I have been using an old PM2 PocketMoney app for all this time, but the time has come that I can no longer use it in my current phone because I have to run iOS >= 14.5 on it. Instead,I am using PM2 on an older phone, but periodically I want to copy my current PocketMoney DB to iCompta on my current phone so I can at least do searches on the historical data.

So, this is the process I use:

1. Connect both phones to iTunes.
2. Using File Sharing on my old device, download PocketMoneyDB.sql
3. Upload PocketMoneyDB.sql to a current version of PocketMoney, open the sql file and let it be converted, and download the PocketMoneyDB.pmdb that was created.
4. In a terminal window, do

Code: Select all

  cp PocketMoneyDB.pmdb PocketMoneyDB.cdb
  sqlite3 PocketMoneyDB.cdb "UPDATE LAMetadata SET version='1.0.5' WHERE rowid=1"
5. Upload PocketMoneyDB.cdb to iCompta 6 and open it up.

That's all it takes! Uploading & downloading with iTunes file sharing can be done with drag & drop.
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