New transaction interface suggestion

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New transaction interface suggestion

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Hello everyone,

I am completely new to iCompta: I downloaded it today, and am currently using the demo to see whether it matches my needs.
I have to say that up to now, I'm pretty convinced. The features set seems to cover all my needs, but the software is still pretty simple to use. That is cool !
Congrats for the work done on that soft !

The only point I have noticed is a UI that could be improved in some ways.
I would like to suggest one thing on that topic: as of today, the creation of a transaction uses exactly the same interface as the edition of an existing one, the inspector pane on the right.
There are two downside I experienced with this:
- Once or twice, while entering a batch of expenses and setting up some scheduled transactions, I ended up modifying an existing one by accident.
- I did not find a way to be efficient when entering new transactions (ideally fully useable using only the keyboard :-) )
I think it would be worth having a "new transaction" panel or window, for that. It would also avoid having unfinished transactions in the list.
It could also be optional (see OmniFocus, that proposes both an inline entry for new events, and a panel).

What's you opinion about that ?

Thanks for reading :-)
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