Crash when reverting changes

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Crash when reverting changes

Post by Torakikiii »

This happened 3 times in a row. I'm not going to test it a forth time :)

So let's say I toyed around with my account file and now I just want to close the file and reopen the last saved one.

God knows why Apple took away the dead simple and effective "don't save" option. Now I have to either save or revert changes.
So I choose revert changes and the app crashes and closes.

I know many other apps just ignore this new behavior and go their way (Adobe CS 6 for example, using it this exact moment)

Is there a way to give me back the option to just close the file and throw away and discard the changes I made? (read as: don't save option!)
A key modifier à la option-s for the old and dearly missed "save as" function maybe?

Ivan :)

OS 10.9 - iCompta 5.1
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