Importing transactions from Revolut

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Importing transactions from Revolut

Post by g.luparia » 06 June 2019, 20:00

Revolut exports transactions in CSV format, which are easy to import to iCompta.
The dates in their transactions for past year and older are:

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2018 June 2
2018 September 15
2018 December 7
To import them, I just need to use the date format "yyyy MMMM dd" in iCompta.

However, dates for the current year skip the year (2019 is implicit):

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January 2
February 15
May 7
I am not able to correctly import these transactions. Which date format can I use?


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Re: Importing transactions from Revolut

Post by Angeman » 06 June 2019, 22:37

MMMM dd should work, doesn't it ?

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