syncronisation - version 6 with iPhone

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syncronisation - version 6 with iPhone

Post by zh_olga » 31 August 2017, 13:14

Will Mac's version 6 synchronize with iPhone app?
I don't know which version I have on iPhone, but i guess it's not 6. Will it synchronize?

Or by buying V6 on Mac now I'm forced to buy V6 on iPhone too for them to synchronize?

I tried going to web-browser that iPhone's help mentions - no luck
I'm waiting for iPhone to show up on local synchronization line - no luck

Is it me or versions 6 and previous just don't talk to each other ?

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Re: syncronisation - version 6 with iPhone

Post by Angeman » 31 August 2017, 17:03

iCompta 6 can only synchronize with iCompta 6 yes.

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