iCompta 2 to iCompta 3

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iCompta 2 to iCompta 3

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I have kept using iCompta 2 since I gave up to upgrade to iCompta 3 due to a problem to use the data of iCompta 2 as well as the problem to share the data with iCompta 5.

I saw a couple of comments the current iCompta 3 should be ok.

How can I start iCompta 3 using iCompta 2 data?
I remember when I purchased iCompta 3, there was automatic message but it does not appear after I cancel it.
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Re: iCompta 2 to iCompta 3

Post by Angeman »

It's explained here at the bottom of the window : http://www.icompta-app.com/help.php?sys ... #documents
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