iCompta 3 + iOS8 Web server not working

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iCompta 3 + iOS8 Web server not working

Post by ijosef » 01 October 2014, 22:09


I wanted to export all my data to excel (trying to permanently swich to it (google spreadsheets) - tired of waiting for Apple to aprove the update and iCompta 3 has - in my opinion - too many problems), so i selected Web server from left menu:

iCompta 3 gives me an address in format http://My-Name:53444 (on iOS 7 it was http://my-name.local:50455). I never had problem with the iOS 7 address, connected to it every time. Now i tried Firefox, Chrome, even IE and ping - nothing works. Browsers always convert the address to lowercase (maybe that's the problem?), but ping failed to.

Please, can you help?


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Re: iCompta 3 + iOS8 Web server not working

Post by Angeman » 01 October 2014, 22:39

iOS 8 has changed something and now the address is not displayed properly so you should replace My-Name with my-name.local in the address and it should work.
And this will be fixed in 3.1.1 which has also to be approved by Apple.

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