iCompta 2 and iOS8

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Re: iCompta 2 and iOS8

Post by sadbttru » 04 October 2014, 18:03

i think you mean this:

If you have version 2.2.14 or newer
You just have to click on the "Open accounts in new version" button and select iCompta 3 in the menu that appears.

how do i get that menu? "open accounts in new version"?

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Re: iCompta 2 and iOS8

Post by Angeman » 04 October 2014, 18:34

There was a don't show again option in that menu so you probably clicked on it and it won't appear again. You should follow the instruction written just below instead.

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Re: iCompta 2 and iOS8

Post by fredbustos » 08 October 2014, 13:28

Many thanks for the update!

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