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Smart Scales

Posted: 03 September 2014, 23:33
by PhilMack
Is it possible to have smart scaling of the graphs used to show balance evolution? With larger investment values you cannot really see the daily change if the lowest value on the scale is 0.

Re: Smart Scales

Posted: 04 September 2014, 10:51
by Angeman
You can double click on either axis of the graph to make it bigger on that axis. If you hold down ⌥ it will make the graph smaller instead.

Re: Smart Scales

Posted: 16 March 2017, 18:30
by tmoins

I'm using version 6.
J'utilise la version 6.

on iPhone, I can double tap 3 times before it get stuck on the "value" axis, which is too restrictive when the investement is more than ten/hundred thousands $ or €, because in any case the graph first displays from zéro, and the grpah stays in the upper part and occupies less than 20% of the the scale.
In the previous version an auto-scale was automatically applied which was convinient.

sur iPhone, je peux faire 3 double tap et après ça ne zoome plus sur l'axe "valeur", ce qui reste trop restreint quand l'investissement fais plus dizaines/centaines de milliers de $ ou €, car dans tous les cas l'affichage part de zéro à chaque fois, et le graphe reste dans la partie haute et occupe moins de 20% de la hauteur.
Dans la version précédente, un auto-scale était automatiquement appliqué ce qui était pratique.

Re: Smart Scales

Posted: 17 March 2017, 11:27
by Angeman
This will be fixed in version 6.0.4. By the way if you want to use the French forum, here is the link :