Selecting account in iCompta3

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Selecting account in iCompta3

Post by JohnNigh » 19 September 2013, 04:15

Is there a trick to selecting an account? The old tried-and-true iPad iCompta was simple and intuitive, this new one has, so far, proved less than intuitive and almost random in some of its actions.

When I select one account, its transactions don't usually appear until I've selected and re-selected it a number of times. Is this because iCompta3 is optimised for IOS 7, which is not yet available?

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Re: Selecting account in iCompta3

Post by Angeman » 27 September 2013, 21:03

The first time you select an account it show the transaction list immediately. But then if you swipe to the left and select another account it doesn't automatically move back to the right so that you can select several accounts. You just have to touch the right part of the screen to show the transactions again.

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Re: Selecting account in iCompta3

Post by MacGeezer » 28 September 2013, 07:12

Its great that you tried to make all versions the same. But the iphone is not a mac. And it doesnt have to be. I want it to be simple on the iphone. But now its so complicated.

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