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Date input fields not working in 4.0.9 on Japanese locale

Posted: 15 March 2011, 05:22
by Rollabunna

The date input fields are not working in the 4.0.9.

Issue 1/ The fields are simply ignoring my strokes, and when I <tab> to the next field, the transaction gets dated to 01/1970.

Issue 2/ The date picker always starts at 1970, and since there is no way to jump easily to 2011, this is a little frustrating.

Remark 1/ I think it has something to do with my locale being Japanese.
Remark 2/ I had the exact same problem with iBank (which correlates to Remark 1).
Remark 3/ This has been verified on all date fields in the app.
Remark 4/ The behavior does not change when I try different ways of inputting the date (for example, in Japanese style, e.g 2011?3?15?).
Remark 5/ Even if I use the date picker it gets set to 01/1970.

Could you fix this one as soon as possible? I need to be able to post-date some transactions.

Thank you for your help and your great app :)