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New version, if ever - future of icompta?

Posted: 03 October 2019, 10:04
by Torakikiii
I read elsewhere here in the forum that you're not planning a new version for this year and probably not even for the next. That's an unsettling news.

It has already been 2 years since the v6 launch and there have been tons of suggestions in the forum but I don't see things... moving on, things implemented, a roadmap, or even a post saying hey guys, I'm working on these things... I'm planning that.

I understand you may have your goals but since it's a paid app and you have a user base, us, a better communication might be useful for your business.
As for me, knowing that this program is slowly getting (it seems to me) abandonware gets me worried. I'm considering if it's best I move my data over another place, where it can be future proof, or just wait another bit and hope to see anything move.

Is it a resource problem? having a mid version with new things implemented might push me upgrading with a reasonable cost in-between major versions.
Or consider a gofundme, kickstart, whatever option.

Anyway as a long time paying user I really would like to hear from you about the future of this app, possibly not from a single line answer.

I hope for the best.


Re: New version, if ever - future of icompta?

Posted: 03 October 2019, 10:27
by Angeman
My plan is to rewrite the whole app in Swift and Swift UI that will allow to build new features more easily in the future. So that can't be done in few months hence the 1 year or more delay. One thing is sure it's not getting to be an abandonware anytime soon but I also have to work on other things to have a salary every month so it will take time to get there.

Re: New version, if ever - future of icompta?

Posted: 03 October 2019, 20:45
by Aguilberto Junior
I have also been using iCompta for a long time on macOS, iPadOS and iOS and have tested many personal finance tracking apps for Mac, including the most famous, and I consider iCompta to be the most complete of all, although I miss some features, especially more detailed reports and charts.
I try to participate a lot in this forum, in order to ask my questions, make better use of the app, encourage discussions about the resources and give feedback to Cyril.
I agree with Ivan. A major paid upgrade with new features would be very well accepted by the icompta user community, but I know it takes time and resources. Let's wait... I also think that small implementations and improvements in the current version would be a way of showing us that it will not become an abandonware.
Anyway, congratulations for the great software you created!