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Modifying (not setting) Multiple Split Amounts

Posted: 29 September 2019, 21:13
by varval
Hi All,

I've been using iCompta for a few years, but I only very recently decided to start using the splits feature.

As such I'm now manually entering split amounts for transactions like restaurants, where I "split" meal from drinks.

The thing is that I would like to do this for the previous transactions in one go (average split amount of 5£ for a pint, meal amount for the remaining)

I can select several transactions and add a split with the 5£ amount for all of them at once, but I can't do the same to adjust the original amount (now first split). If I enter -5 in the amounts field it just sets the value to 5 instead of substracting that value. (You can use the field to perform a calculation by entering the operator + or + and a value, but only on single transactions).

I've checked the rules feature to sort that way, but it only allows to set values, not operate with them.

Any suggestions?

This might be something to improve in a future release? I mean, the first time I used splits I was expecting that adding splits would deduct their value from the original amount, but it changes the balance...



Re: Modifying (not setting) Multiple Split Amounts

Posted: 30 September 2019, 09:04
by Angeman
You can use a rule with the "Extract category" action which does exactly that, it subtracts the amount you want to an existing transaction and affects that amount to the category you want.

Re: Modifying (not setting) Multiple Split Amounts

Posted: 12 October 2019, 17:25
by varval
Perfect, that works!

Thanks, Angeman!!