Rule has stopped working

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Rule has stopped working

Post by wjwt » 03 March 2018, 07:10

Hi Angeman

(I'm using iCompta 6.0.14.)

I have a rule which states:
Condition: "[Splits] The category — is — "XXX"
Actions: "Set do not include in reports to — (check mark)"

However, when I use "Set category" and select "XXX" for a transaction, the "Do not include in reports" box remains blank. This is regardless of whether there is one split only or more than one.

If I then select "Apply rules to the selected transaction", the "Do not include in reports" check mark appears.

I am 99% sure that, with previous versions of iCompta 6, setting the category automatically activated the rule (i.e. no need to additionally select "Apply rules…").

I've checked that the same issue occurs using a different computer and a different data file.

All my other rules are working as expected. I've tried deleting and reinstating the rule — no joy.

Would you be able to check at your end to see if you can replicate this issue? Or pls let me know if you want further info.

[PS: iCompta is great!]


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Re: Rule has stopped working

Post by Angeman » 03 March 2018, 12:26

Rules are never applied automatically (and never were), this is normal to avoid big unintentional mistakes.

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