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Planned transactions

Posted: 23 August 2017, 17:19
by Torakikiii
I just updated to the latest version.
Previously my planned transactions would show in the budget screen as a different (lighter) color tone of the category,

Now everything is the same main color. Moreover the planned text shows zero, while the total is for sure accounting for the planned transactions since it's correct.
For the records, I quit the app, updated it, reopened the app and voilĂ , new behavior.

Is that intended?


Re: Planned transactions

Posted: 23 August 2017, 17:35
by Torakikiii
forget it! Don't ask me why but when opened with the new version my last 3 planned transactions inputed today had the status changed from planned to created, that explain it all.

You can delete this topic if you want.