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Currency changes?

Posted: 18 December 2015, 01:01
by cone
In my country's (Argentina) currency (ARS) against the USD is variable:

Last month ARS $10 = usd 1
Today ARS $14 = usd 1
Next month who knows?...

The problem is that the change of currency affects transactions that are locked. This should only affect scheduled transactions. Past (and blocked) transactions should be the value of the currency at that time. This is possible?

I have accounts in ARS $ and USD

(I'm sorry my english isn't very good) :(

Thank you

Re: Currency changes?

Posted: 18 December 2015, 08:33
by Angeman
You need to double click your ARS accounts and assign the ARS currency to them and do the same for USD accounts. This way in an ARS account you enter amounts in ARS and in USD accounts you enter amounts in USD.