Support subcategories or tags. Filtering.

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Support subcategories or tags. Filtering.

Post by omax » 22 March 2009, 14:04

Please add support for subcategories, so for example it is possible to have a tree structure (at least 2 levels).
- Food
\- Groceries
\- Fruits
\- Veggies

The same could be achieved if I could tag a category, e.g. category: Fruits - tag: food.

I would like to be able to filter then to show only transactions with food category/tag and distribution of items only from this category.

The functionality could stay as is now if
The filter could also be enhanced to allow to enter category name as expression (additionally to current possibility to choose category), so then it would be possible to filter all transaction with category name pattern: "[food]" which would match Groceries [food] & Veggies [food].

Thanks for your program - this is the best free program I could find and I recommend it to other people. (5 months user)

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Re: Support subcategories or tags. Filtering.

Post by Angeman » 23 March 2009, 09:59

This is planned for next major release and the format will be like Food : Groceries, Food : Fruits, etc. and you should be able to filter either on Fruit category to match all Food subcategories or just on a particular subcategory like Food : Groceries.

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