Feature request. Add new client to invoice

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Feature request. Add new client to invoice

Post by AlecFasani » 30 November 2014, 18:38

Hi Angeman,

Please allow us to add a new client directly on each new invoice rather having to go to client's window and then back to invoice's window.
Actually it would be even better if we could create a new invoice from the transaction's panel.
When i'm invoicing a client i do create an scheduled transaction expecting to receive the payment and it would be nice to be able to find the option "create new invoice" on the drop down menu rather than...
...1 - Go to client window to add new client
.....2 - Go to invoice window to add new invoice
.......3 - Go back to Transaction panel to find the created invoice

I have also requested the "open in separate window" feature on my previous post because it is being extremely time consuming to have to change so many times from one window to another.

Many thanks for your patience.

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Re: Feature request. Add new client to invoice

Post by Angeman » 30 November 2014, 19:29

Thanks for your feedback, I'll take that into account for future releases.

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