Liabilities? How to manage?

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Liabilities? How to manage?

Post by vigasin » 01 March 2009, 23:06


How can I manage liabilities in iCompta? I'd like to know how much I owe to who, and who and how much owes me. Many Personal Accounting software have special type of account called Liability, iCompta has not.

I've tried two ways, both unsuccessful:
1. Create an item in people for each debtor/creditor.
2. Create a separate account with type "Credit Card".

Which is correct way?

Thank you, Ivan

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Re: Liabilities? How to manage?

Post by Angeman » 02 March 2009, 09:42

Please refer to the "Managing shared transactions" section of the user guide to learn how it wotks.
Basically, for a given transaction, you have to create it in the person who is the creditor and add the debitors in the participants section of this transaction.

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