iCompta V5?

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by naranther » 03 October 2012, 12:57


I have been, just like other people, looking for some information about this app because it's my favorite app for money both Mac and iPad and I realized there was no update in a time. That's why I was reading this post and now I'm glad knowing it's alive under new version. So if there is some opportunity, I would like to support it and apply for being a tester.

Encourage for development and thank you!

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by Angeman » 04 October 2012, 10:36

naranther wrote:So if there is some opportunity, I would like to support it and apply for being a tester.
I added you to my beta testers list as well.

I think I have enough people in the list now.

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by eyv » 30 October 2012, 00:26

Oh, oh, over here! Please add me as well. I'll be good, I promise. :)

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by rhaps » 24 November 2012, 12:55

Aussi intéressé par la Béta.

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by vmax » 03 December 2012, 11:29

I am also interested by the beta version as long as I will not loose all my bank info!

Regards.... Lionel

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by MacGeezer » 12 December 2012, 17:00

Is there still space left in the beta test group? i would also like to join.

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by rawbourt » 31 January 2013, 10:28

Can we get a percentage update in your announcement-post? I can't wait till V5 and V3 gets out.

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by berksgr » 23 February 2013, 22:42

Hi, can you add me to to the beta list if thats ok ?


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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by gualtie » 05 March 2013, 01:30

I'm interested in join beta testers list (mac & iPad), if I'll be able to keep v4 & v2 also working.

Gualtiero - Italy

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Re: iCompta V5?

Post by Steffen1601 » 06 March 2013, 02:08

I gave up waiting for any version, ipad or Mac. I switched to iBank, much better app. Sure it isn't perfect either, but you always get updates where things stand and they do release updates more often. At the end of 2011 the developer of ICompta stated that the new release for iPhone/ipad will be available sometime 2012" now it's 2013.

I understand that things don't always go as planned, I work in the software business myself, but if you are not ready for prime time, then don't release an app at all, especially for such a high price!!!

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