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Posted: 02 September 2017, 11:15
by Torakikiii
lately I've been using iCompta to track my mortgage.

I created a new account of the kind lending (it's prestito in italian not sure of the translation). So far so good for the first 2 months.
My mortgage is flexible... I can mix periods of a fixed rate with variable rate in 2/5 years periods.

With august a period of 5 years of fixed interest rate ended and starting from next month I'll be back with the canonical variable rate.
Since I see no differentiation in the config panel, I just chanced the interest rate to match the expected rate for the next billing.

1) I guess from now on I'll have to change periodically the value (it's actually euribor 3 months+spread)
2) I had to close and reopen the file to see the new values changing in the future transactions

3) unfortunately it seems that the previous transactions (those still with the planned icon) changes value too, reflecting the new mortgage rate.
Edit: for this it seems I forgot to change the status from planned to created.

Can you please tell me if I'm doing something wrong? or briefly how would you track such a kind of mortgage? I had a look at the manual when creating the mortgage but there isn't much else to do other than to put the amount, duration, rate.


Re: Mortgage

Posted: 02 September 2017, 11:50
by Angeman
You need to change the status of planned transactions to created so that they won't be changed after when you modify the interests rate.

Re: Mortgage

Posted: 02 September 2017, 11:58
by Torakikiii
Ok but... let's say I payed 1 installment

1) I download the new bank statement
2) I transfer the transaction to the Mortgage account
3) I change the status of the planned transaction for that month to created

Rinse and repeat for every month.

Is that correct?

Re: Mortgage

Posted: 02 September 2017, 12:05
by Angeman
Yes exactly.