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2 suggestions

Post by Torakikiii » 23 August 2017, 17:29

Hi there,
let me propose you something you might want to consider in a future version

1) preview the new total when importing new transactions.
Sometimes when I import lot of transactions some gets imported again or skipped because either I changed something in my transaction list or whatever reason. Usually to check If everything is fine I read my bank account total and confront it with the new total shown in iCompta.
If there is any difference it's obvious there are 1 or more transactions loaded again or being skipped and there starts the hunting.

Would it be possible to preview the new total in iCompta before the last step in the import screen?

2) a better preset management.
It happens for some reason that sometimes (I always use CSV) my preset gets screwed and I need to restart from scratch and set everything.
To be honest it happened more in the past, it's been a while now but still I'd love a save and load function, so when it's all set up I can just simply load it when/if it gets lost.


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Re: 2 suggestions

Post by Angeman » 23 August 2017, 17:43

Thanks for your feedback, I'll consider it for future versions.

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